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SERRAT AUDITORS is a company created in 1989, which provides professional services mainly in the field of auditing in Catalonia, but also in other parts of Spain and countries around the world.

Mindful of our commitments of independence, objectivity and confidentiality with respect to our clients, we are committed to offering a highly effective and professional audit service. Through our modern working methods, from the perspective of the external analysis carried out, we bring added value to the client so that they can improve in certain aspects and internal processes.

The partners-auditors, team leaders and technicians maintain permanent contact and a high degree of involvement with our clients.

Knowledge of profession

It is necessary and essential to have a qualified professional team that knows the profession of auditor and is in constant professional training, both in terms of accounting techniques, and in the world of economics, taxation and new technologies.

Professional ethics

Commitment of all the professionals of the firm to the highest level of compliance with the code of professional ethics, both in the relationship with our clients and internally for each professional.

The customer

In our philosophy, customers cannot be treated in a standard way, we take care of giving them a personalized treatment, with knowledge of their economic activity, of their situation in the environment of the country and of their specific sector , requiring in each case, a personalized professional performance.

Serrat Auditors

Personalized treatment for each client